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Vibes Don't Lie

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret...

The whole universe is vibrating

It's why we connect so much with music.

It's also why we connect with others.

You may have heard people say

"I got bad vibes from him/her"

or "your vibe attracts your tribe"

or "I'm lovin the vibes"...etc

vibes=vibrations and it has a very real effect on the things we do.


If two people aren't vibrating in sync they will have a disharmonious relationship.

It's like when someone in a band is playing the wrong notes. Those waves don't sync up with the rest of the sound waves and they clash.

In contrast, if two people are vibrating on the same plane. They will be in a harmonious relationship regardless of outside circumstances. It's actually quite spectacular.

If you learn how to control the vibrations that you are putting out you can manifest anything into your life.

This includes bringing your EX back or attracting a SOULMATE!

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Valentine's is the loneliest time for single people.

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